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Welcome to Besaya Beach

Restaurant - Spain , Marbella , Golden Mile

Ref: TGS-R32

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A place where the sun, the smell of the sea and the colour of the sky, associate with food-edge technology to create a unique experience for your senses.
Besaya Beach is located on the promenade of Marbella, near Puerto Banus and a few meters from the beach. At your table you will find our interpretation of Mediterranean kitchen with a "nouvelle cuisine" approach.
In Besaya Beach everything is designed to create a relaxing and immersive environment. A place designed to sit and enjoy the pleasure of eating.
Our Gourmet Corner offers the best of our menu to the most discerning palates. The table of the most demanding.
Nothing better to create a relaxing ambient than a little good chillout music atmosphere. In Besaya Beach we have the best music from the hands of the best DJs.
Eating in Besaya Beach is an experience for the senses. Smells, colors, textures and flavors are blended into each dish for the enjoyment of our guests. We are confident that after we met, we will become your favorite restaurant.

Mediterranean Cuisine
Fish, seafood, meats and vegetables are the cornerstones of our cuisine, accompanied by the best olive oil, seasonal fruits and plenty of spices and seasonings.

Our menu is a selection of the most typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, prepared by our chefs following traditional recipes.

Our chefs take traditional cuisine to a new level, making lighter, more delicate dishes, giving great importance to the visual appeal and presentation of each dish.

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